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Baard Group starts its business in Walvisbay in 1992 under the name of Baard Transport. Our main activity was transport of building sand, stone and earthworks: example road building etc.

In 1997 we bought a company namely Herlé Riool (sewer), which specifies in sewer systems for town extensions and dewatering of trenches etc.

In 2005 we bought another company, namely Block & Brick. The main activity was brick making.

In 2009 we register all three companies together under the name of Baard Group.

Currently we are the biggest brick/paver/interlock manufacturer at the coast with the latest/modern brick manufacturing machines available in Namibia.

We have the capacity to manufacture 60 000 80 mm interlocks, 110 000 standard bricks in a 8 hour shift.

We are a Proudly Namibian company with a workforce of 119 people together with 19 vehicles for delivery of our products.

Our company’s motto is: “THE SERVICE MAKE’S THE DIFFERENCE” and we will do everything possible to keep our customers satisfied. We also opened a new office in Kuisebmond for your convenience.

The quality of our products is of a very high standard.

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Product Quality
Customer Service
Transport and Delivery
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Our sales staff guarantee only the best service and products. After all, "The Service makes the difference"


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Proudly Namibians 

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